Optimistic about the prospects for China's pharmaceutical intermediates


Pharmaceutical intermediates pesticide intermediates market space is more than eight times, Chinese enterprises are facing great development opportunities. According BusinessInsights statistics and forecast 2012 global pharmaceutical outsourcing market volume of $ 63.9 billion, more than eight times the capacity of pesticides. Good future growth. Custom R & D pharmaceutical industry high threshold, China a competitive advantage by virtue of talent, infrastructure and cost structure and other aspects, has increasingly become multinational pharmaceutical companies give priority to strategic outsourcing destinations. By 2015 China is expected to produce pharmaceutical custom development market will grow to $ 3.1 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of 12.77%. China Pharmaceutical CMO market in recent years has maintained a growth rate of over 10%, according to the forecast, 2012 - May 2017 China Pharmaceutical CMO market average growth rate of 17.4%, in 2017 the market size will reach $ 5 billion. The pace of development of global pharmaceutical R & D Custom production industry than the global pharmaceutical industry, and the pace of development of China's pharmaceutical industry in the production of custom development was higher than the global level, so China is facing great development opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, the production of custom development.

Compared to developed countries, China intermediates industry has unique cost advantage, embodied in the following aspects: 1 Low environmental costs: China's current sewage enterprises to bear the cost significantly lower than in developed countries. 2. Low labor costs: Our R & D personnel, whether or wages of industrial workers are significantly lower than in developed countries. 3. Low cost of raw materials: China has a strong petrochemical system, the main chemical raw materials are self-sufficient, able to guarantee the supply of cheap raw materials. 4. Low investment costs: After years of development, has formed a mature industrial system, chemical equipment procurement, installation and construction and other input costs are lower than in developed countries.

Experts believe that in terms of pharmaceutical intermediates, the production value of the domestic pharmaceutical intermediates in 240 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 20% of the total output value of China's fine chemical industry, output reached 5.2 million tons (2007 data). The products not only meet the needs of pharmaceutical production and export overseas countries and regions, highly competitive in the international market. Large-scale foreign patent expired drugs will bring new catalysts of pharmaceutical intermediates industry. Because after the expiration of the patent drugs, generic drugs-related production will be explosive growth, which led to the rapid growth of demand related pharmaceutical intermediates. According to statistics, 2014 drug patent expiration will usher in the peak, which peak will occur in 2014, a total of 326 drug patent expiration in 2010 and 2017 was the peak year before and after the two opposite, respectively, 205,242 patent medicine maturity, maturity varieties mainly anti-infection drugs, endocrine, neurological, cardiovascular, the market is huge. And with the increasing phenomenon of population aging, the future domestic demand for related drugs also will show an increasing trend, the rapid development of domestic pharmaceutical intermediates business to benefit from the pharmaceutical market.

Experts believe that the future of China's fine chemical industry output value will reach 1.6 trillion yuan, more than doubled compared to 2008, chemical self-sufficiency rate of 80% or more, into the ranks of big fine chemical and power of the country. As one of the most important fine chemical sub-sectors, intermediate industry is facing new opportunities, experts believe that in the next five years will still maintain a rapid pace of development.